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Thread: AUS playoff schedule up in the air over player eligibility investigation

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    I think they were in a rock and a hard place, but you are correct it is their own doing. By all we currently know, Jack was ineligible and they didn't catch it for 8 weeks. Then when they do know they delay deciding until after the semi's, hoping that either someone would not notice, or the dumb henchman would step in and resolve it for them.

    But how can you excuse SMU who not only used said ineligible player, but then went to court to try to continue when they should be done for the season regardless.

    Two villains, and none are the kids. Colzie is at fault. SMU AD and admin are at fault. AUS is at fault. U sports (from now on they will be dubbed DH Sport) doesn't police. Lots of blame, but it starts and ends in halifax
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