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    One could easily argue that the Ottawa-Gatineau area really is its own little bubble-country ,
    I've often thought TAXanada would be a good name.
    Then should we make it a Federal District ala Washington DC? Ottawa ,DT has a nice ring to it. Then our universities would no longer be under provincial jurisdiction, but rather federal.

    Shootmaster wrote:
    For Huskies fans, I've often wonder why doesn't the U of S have a women's rugby team?
    Does U of S have a men's team? uOttawa has a men's rugby team that has Competitive Club status. uOttawa is about to add 2 to 4 more Varsity teams under a new hybrid tier known as Varsity Club team. Men's rugby could well be one of them . That would be fine with me .After all, it is another form of football. An ancestor really.
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