This is a safe haven for harmonious thoughts and positive energy. To live peacefully, sharing our resources and spend endless hours finding inner peace.

Today, I pass on thoughts, salutations and best wishes to the following;

Greg Marshall, may the playoff curse that clouds over you be replaced with sunshine and warmth. If you hear nature all around you, the smell of fresh cut grass, then likely the clouds didn't dissipate and trophies are replaced with golf.

For MacNeill, may anger management classes make you a better person, hug your opponents and smother them with love. Clipboards are people too.

To the entire SMU football program, I inspire your program to reach the heights of Acadians and beyond. Take the time to learn the rich history of Acadians, share a spicy dish, converse in Chiac. No one expects you to overcome thousands of years of culture in one season.

To the Smurfs, may end zones and completed passes fall gracefully upon you. When times seem tough and you've been beaten and trodden upon, wary not as you still have McGill in your division to make you feel better.

For, I think I'm going to leave that for another day.....

In the meantime, remember everyone, it's all about being positive, encouraging, and respectful. One day we'll all be flagged for unnecessary niceness.