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Thread: The Cycle Theory and Why Cycles matter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmonic View Post
    I thought the goal of the thread was to type gibberish.
    No, it's not. Sorry you chose to see it that way.

    I feel like everything in life, sports, is very cyclic - complete with it's ups and downs.
    In football, like all sports, some teams just have longer cycles, be it up or down.
    Laval have been dominant and at the top of their cycle for years. They've done well in recruiting, coaching, game planning, etc...but Montreal looks to be taking over from them this year.....maybe

    Some teams struggle, and are dormant for some years, but it's always good to see them change direction and win, as with the right coaches, game plan, investors, and players, their teams will do well.

    Some posters trashed the OUA for years saying we weren't competitive, then when we started getting into Vanier cups, they started talking about the AUS, but it looks like the AUS have made some adjustments this year and are on the rise. Good to see.

    Anyway, anything can happen, it's sports football, players change, coaches change, seasons change and the outcome changes along with it.

    Kudos this year to Waterloo, who have done a lot with their team. They nearly won today's game.
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    Everything goes in cycles!

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