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Thread: The Cycle Theory and Why Cycles matter

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    Default The Cycle Theory and Why Cycles matter

    Over the years, different conferences emerged strong, different teams dominated, or at least consistently won, and provided hope for players, their team and conference and fans.
    Every team, player, conference wants to do well.

    I get that some competing teams and players in a conference, will try to show fault in another team, in order to raise their teams value up. All teams have weaknesses and strengths and while not all teams are as strong as others, why not try to give kudos ad encourage them where you can. Of course, some of those competing teams don't want to acknowledge or give other teams the upper hand, so they won't acknowledge their strengths, only point out their weaknesses. Sometimes, it can be a dog eat dog world out there. But that is not the path to winning or empowering anyone. There's room for all teams, coaches and players. Encourage respect, values, good communication, and positive outcomes, quality coaching, good recruiting, refereeing, etc.

    Of course the RSEQ is strong - mostly Laval and Montreal - which started with Laval, bringing in a lot of financial support, coaching and football talent brought in.
    That required a solid marketing program with a lot of preparation, planning, strong coaching, investing in the program, man hours and $$$$

    Other conferences and teams want to aspire to and can follow in that path and some are at different stages in doing so. I was very happy to see Waterloo improving and bringing in better coaching and player talent. It showed on the field. They have a ways to go, but are on the right path.

    A few - several years ago, the OUA was very strong. Queens won the Vanier, followed by McMaster - and while Mac won the 2011 Vanier, in the years to follow, they still appeared there, but lost out to Montreal and Laval.

    But who could forget this win in double overtime.

    47th November 25, 2011 McMaster 41–38 (2OT) Laval BC Place Vancouver[10] Kyle Quinlan Aram Eisho

    Many of the putdowns on the OUA over the years had been a lot of hype aimed at trying to keep the OUA down and keep their own teams up, sure we've had our struggles, but we didn't let it get to us. We improved to be a contender. And we got to see, how strong the OUA actually was. When we were winning, the Q were certainly no weaker than they were; it's that the OUA just got stronger.

    But everything has it's cycle, or high time, just as everything has it's low. And this year, the OUA has been in decline, and are rebuilding. Teams, conferences just have to be better prepared.
    I am hoping this year that Mac does very well and re emerges as the team to beat in the OUA.

    Laval has just been experiencing a longer up or winning cycle. Constantin is an excellent coach, he gets kudos and he certainly knows how to recruit, train, coach, bring money and support to the program. He has a good football mind, but his team won't be on top forever. Nothing lasts forever. Already, Montreal has been gaining strength and following the model. And OUA and CW teams have been able to beat Laval or Montreal in Vanier cups, or come extremely close to winning.

    I know sometimes people laugh at the theory of cycles, that each dog would have it's day, that the OUA would eventually win it all and that winning in football like anything else was cyclic. Each team or division has their time to shine. Queens had been working at this win for many years, and built a fine winning program, with many of the countries top athletes and a solid coaching staff. Just as Mac had done. There were a lot of very good athletes on both teams and good coaches, as there have been on many teams in the OUA over the years and that is why Mac were able to beat Laval in the 2011 VC to demonstrate they were stronger than the Q, East, or West.

    While the OUA cycle dropped off , Laval reemerged at the top....only to be taken over by Montreal...for now - can Montreal sustain that who knows. But with Calgary's win against UBC last night, and both Montreal and Laval teams struggling to put up points on offence, can the western Calgary team be the team to beat them. It certainly would appear so.

    Everything goes in cycles. What goes up must come down. It's obvious the OUA are able to draw and keep the countries top athletes and do well, along with CW, Q, and AUS.

    Each conference can do well and so can each team.
    This year give kudos to SMU who have certainly improved to a well balanced team, who's QB has taken top awards in the AUS, and the team has brought in several coaches to elevate their performance and consistency to become a Top 10 tea
    There is a reason why teams improve, and it takes more than luck, it requires hard work, time and money investments in the team, marketing, solid recruiting, coaching, team improvement planning, game planning, conditioning, discipline
    The SMU QB was awarded player of the week, considering this team has been sitting at the bottom of the pile for several years, this has all been a welcome addition

    And Waterloo is on the rise - a strong D next year, could see them take top spot in the OUA - and become a well balanced team

    And this year, we have even more to celebrate with a Canadian QB Brandon Bridge actually starting in the CFL - let's hope and inspire the CFL to break this cycle of keeping Canadian QB's out of the game in the QB position....has that cycle totally ended, but it's a start, and something to build on

    So with no further ado, I will take this opportunity to congratulate teams in the OUA - the AUS, CW and the Q that are thriving and working on their development, with some teams rising to the top!
    While teams go into a losing cycle, it can be turned around, if they follow some of the stronger teams model, like Laval, Calgary, Western, Mac, and make adjustments, bring in a good coaching staff, financial support, recruit strong talented players, practice, prepare for games, work hard to develop, bring a positive mindset, work out, those teams will improve.

    Let's keep the momentum going - for a LONG WINNING CYCLE For Canadian QB's, for all the teams that are on the rise or hope to be.
    It takes hard work, planning, communicating, it takes help from the right people, and today's losing team can be tomorrows winning team.

    All the best to all teams. Play respectfully, there is now a high cycle for referees, they have a lot more responsibility now when it comes to keeping players safe

    The Role of Referees

    What is a 'Life Cycle'
    The course of events that brings a new product into existence and follows its growth into a mature product and into eventual critical mass and decline. The most common steps in the life cycle of a product include the following phases:

    • Product Development Phase - Includes market analysis, product design, conception, and testing.

    • Market Introduction Phase - Initial release of the product, usually marked with high levels of advertising.

    • Growth Phase - Sales growth begins to accelerate, characterized with increasing sales year-over-year. As production levels increase, gross margins should steadily decline, making the product less profitable on a per-unit basis. An increase in competition is probable.

    • Maturity Phase - The product will reach the upper bounds of its demand cycle and further spending on advertising will have little to no effect on increasing demand

    • Decline/Stability Phase - This is where a product has reached or passed its point of highest demand. At this point, demand will either remain steady or slowly decline as a newer product makes it obsolete.

    Life Cycle

    Cycles do matter, don't be discouraged by losing cycles, and no one should ever take winning cycles for granted. It's all changeable. Some cycles just may last longer,

    All the best
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    Everything goes in cycles!

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