to Feb 4/18

This is the second last OHT35 of the regular season. Two teams got a boost in ranking levels this week: McGill (going from B to A) and UBC (going from C+ to B). This had reverberations throughout the rankings.


Jan 31 Moncton 1 Dalhousie 2
Jan 31 McGill 4 U.Q.T.R. 3
Jan 31 Waterloo 1 W. Ontario 2
Feb 01 Carleton 4 U.O.I.T. 3 (so)
Feb 01 Lakehead 4 Ryerson 5
Feb 01 R.M.C. 5 Queen's 6 (ot)
Feb 01 W. Ontario 1 Laurier 0
Feb 02 Calgary 7 Regina 0
Feb 02 Lethbridge 4 Manitoba 5
Feb 02 Saskatchewan 1 Alberta 4
Feb 02 U.B.C. 5 Mount Royal 1
Feb 02 New Brunswick 5 Saint Mary's 4
Feb 02 U.P.E.I. 6 Acadia 3
Feb 02 Dalhousie 7 St. F.X. 3
Feb 02 Brock 2 Waterloo 3
Feb 02 Guelph 3 York 2
Feb 02 Lakehead 4 Windsor 1
Feb 02 Nipissing 2 Laurentian 4
Feb 02 Ottawa 3 Concordia 2
Feb 02 Toronto 1 Laurier 0
Feb 03 Calgary 4 Regina 3
Feb 03 Lethbridge 3 Manitoba 7
Feb 03 Saskatchewan 1 Alberta 3
Feb 03 U.B.C. 0 Mount Royal 3
Feb 03 Moncton 2 St. F.X. 5
Feb 03 New Brunswick 3 Acadia 4 (ot)
Feb 03 U.P.E.I. 1 Saint Mary's 9
Feb 03 Brock 2 Windsor 5
Feb 03 Concordia 3 R.M.C. 1
Feb 03 Lakehead 2 W. Ontario 3 (ot)
Feb 03 Laurentian 4 Nipissing 3 (ot)
Feb 03 McGill 4 U.O.I.T. 3 (ot)
Feb 03 Queen's 4 Carleton 3 (ot)
Feb 03 Ryerson 5 Guelph 4
Feb 03 Waterloo 0 Toronto 2
Feb 04 U.Q.T.R. 0 Ottawa 4


* indicates total includes a tie game
Conf. indicates overall conference record
Con-x indicates exhibition record within conference
CIS-x indicates exhibition record within CIS but outside conference
CIS indicates regular season and exhibition record against CIS teams
Other indicates record against non-CIS teams
Total indicates record against all teams
∞ In the official standings, Calgary were penalized 2 wins against UBC, a win and OTL against Lethbridge, and an OTL against Alberta for use of an ineligible player. And UQTR was penalized 2 wins against Nipissing, Lakehead, Laurentian, a win and OTL against Queen's, two OTLs against RMC, and a win over Carleton.

The promoted teams (in green) are McGill and UBC. No teams are in red (for those suffering a fall). The blue “bubble teams” are few in number. Ryerson clings to the B level, and Lethbridge could easily fall to C level either as a one-way shift, or perhaps to be replaced by Toronto or Windsor.

With McGill and UBC moving up, the “AOA” numbers are skewed for many teams, owing to small sample sizes in some segments. So in four segments of the rankings (in purple) there was a departure from the AOA rankings. In those cases teams were better ranked using simple comparative records and strength-of-schedule within their division. In the CW, Sask stays in A and Manitoba in B with a slightly better AOA. In the B rankings, Concordia slips in between Queen's and Carleton. In C+ Ottawa slips behind UQTR in the OUA East while in the OUA West Brock slips down and UWO slips up in between Guelph and Laurier in a 4-team virtual dead heat.

In a final note, UPEI and Dalhousie have been showing an ability to beat the good teams in the AUS. Maybe one of them could fill that empty C+ part of the AUS rankings.