HC Jacques Chapdelaine and DC Noel Thorpe have been fired.

The HC for the rest of the season will be GM Kavis Reed

Anthony Calvillo will act as OC ( he was sharing the task with Chapdelaine)

Greg Quick the DL coach will be acting DC .

The Als have now fired the DC that they had to threaten with a Breach of Contract Lawsuit when he attempted to jump ship to the Argos last year

Chapdelaine never was Reed's guy but what really killed him was the Off impotence even with a veteran QB ( note I said veteran..not winning, Durant is a below .500 QB as far as Win-loss go).

As for Thorpe ,you ask me, the number of penalties that he always excused as "part of an agressive D " have finally come back to bite him in the ass. ( or it might be that he suffers from terminal BrainFreeze in every 4th Qrt )