Yeah not particularly impressive giving up 3 huge passing plays two of them due to big missed tackles and then making it a bit of an adventure at the end.

They punted on 3rd and 6 but Carleton was offside. Instead of declining and leaving the Ravens pinned deep they accept then don't convert on 3rd and 1 opting for the hand off 5 yds behind the LOS instead of a sneak. Carleton made it close and never gave up.

No turnovers, no sacks allowed, and 6-6 in red zone albeit way to many field goals (5) on the night. They have to finish a few more of those drives instead of settling for a field goal inside the 20.

Arruda played much better tonight than he did last week at home as did the Ravens overall. Apparently their O-line doesn't hold...I don't recall a single call all night but I'm sure Robbie Smith of the Hawks would beg to differ. Carter also looks like a very good weapon at running back for them. He had another nice night on the ground.

Crowd of just under 3,500 at least till the first year exodus at half time.

A win is a win but lots to be desired giving up 440 yards passing isn't acceptable and there were many poor tackles. Lots to work on and clean up before heading down the 401 to Kingston next week.