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The Lancers are definitely not as bad as some of the really bad OUA teams we saw from UofT, then York, then Waterloo circa 2001-2012. They have more core talent than those teams did.
Peter I'm happy your Gryphs did well ( I picked them in the pool after all ) but let's not make more out of this W that it deserves. Windsor gave up 155pts in 3games they only managed to look like they might belong at U level when they played ( and lost to ) the Farsical Blues . That is not the mark of a team with core talent.

They remind me of those pitchers in MLB that teams continue to throw money at and send to the mound even if they are 10-35 lifetime with and ERA of 7....because well...HE must have something in that arm .....why else would he have been a 1st round choice of the ( insert the worst team of your choice here ) 5 years ago , we'll give him another shot