St. FX - I predict a drop this year, they're still decent but not like they were last year
Bishop's new to the scene - let's see how they adjust & how they impact the AUS
SMU has improved their quality of play, over all they are looking more solid, all around including at QB
Watching for Mt A and Acadia

Queens in decline, lacks online, no protection for offence, defence is strong, no coaching on offence
McMaster lacklustre....not the same team from last year
Ottawa....doing nothing special, games are too close
Carleton's not looking great
Will Western take the lead again?
Guelph is really in decline.
Laurier?? They beat Toronto. Not much to go on.
Waterloo looking decent, could be the surprise of the OUA
Toronto, York, Windsor again doing nothing

Manitoba and Alberta are the usual weaker links,
The west over all is looking pretty strong this year - Regina to take the lead?
Regina, Calgary, Saskatchewan
Where will UBC fit in this year?
Can Regina be the team to beat in the West this year?

Laval, Montreal leading the pack.
There really isn't any other team in the Q that comes close to these two.
Why not????
No surprises here