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And BTW, SCG, be careful saying things like

I don't think it's going to be Mac's year either.
Just the way things are looking.
RealMacMania will dump all over you.

P.S. If we would put in the right QB, I think that things would look better.
LOL! I saw his attack on you on another site. I couldn't help but think RealMACmania seems like USports version of a Marxist/Progressive extremist.

He defines the Party line for Mac fans [political correctness], then tries to enforce it through insults, name calling and intimidation. He won't stand for anyone with a different view of Marauder football than his. He interprets what you really meant when you wrote something and won't listen to your explanation of what you actually wrote. He likes to label dissenting opinions as "fake news" and call those who he despises most "Donald Trump".

The funniest thing about Real MACmania is that he just jumped on the Mac bandwagon six years ago, yet is quite willing to attack Mac alumni and fans who have been around 25 years longer than him. He might as well be a 20-year old "snowflake" attending school at her parents expense.