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Adding the ballots of the individual voters for the Top 10 adds an interesting element to it.

I'd be really curious to hear Panel Chair Donnovan Bennett's explanation for placing the 1-1 UBC T-Birds at No. 6, ahead of the 1-1 Rams (No.7) who soundly beat the Birds in their game 10 days ago and ahead of the 2-0 Huskies (No.9). For that matter, he has the Dinos ranked at only No.5, leading me to thing that he has little respect for the CW teams, except that he has 4 of them in the Top 10. Just don't understand the T-Bird love. It's not 2015 anymore.
O'Connor is from Ontario that's enough for Bennett who is a nice guy but is THE poster boy for "the center of the universe is at the foot of the CN Tower" concept , to give UBC a automatic positive bias. Just be glad he is from the Ottawa area and not Toronto, that would have guaranteed a Top 4 vote