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As far as I'm concerned the OUA top tier is Western, Guelph, Mac and Laurier. In the pre-season I had a Carleton as a ?. That question has been answered in the negative. After Ottawa's win in the opener I thought they were possibly a top tier team but they don't have a good win since. They got lucky against Queen's and struggled in their game with York. They lost to Carleton AGAIN. The Windsor and Waterloo wins were less than convincing.

Guelph's head-to-head loss to Ottawa was back in August. And it was a game decided in 2OT. We used to call those games ties. IMO opinion it is hardly enough to justify putting Ottawa ahead 8 weeks later. Ottawa's only win against a top team is that squeaker in Guelph. Guelph just dominated Laurier and they are the only team in the OUA who has actually proven they can play with Western.

You use a head-to-head result from Week 1 to justify putting Ottawa ahead of Guelph, yet the Gryphons win against Laurier this past week doesn't matter? What about comparing their performances against Western?

I'd love for Mac to beat Laurier. They certainly seem to be the favourite. But Laurier is a team that has given them a ton of trouble the past couple years. I doubt "they handily defeat Laurier". The Marauders don't have the offense to win by a large margin, unless, possibly, if Laurier's QB Knevel doesn't play.
Of course you have Guelph in the top tier in the OUA, nobody would expect anything else.

Ottawa's win against Waterloo was less than convincing eh? A 10 point win, when just one week earlier the Gryphons squeaked by them 53-49. Guelph gave up 19 more points than Ottawa did and only won by 4 whereas Ottawa won by 10.

What you "used to call ties" is laughably irrelevant. I also think it's humorous that you completely disregard a week 1, double OT win by Ottawa but are always quick to bring up the week 2, OT loss to Western. In one result it is no longer relevant, Ottawa got lucky, that's all the way back in week 1 etc. But in the other result it is the main measuring point you use to justify putting Guelph as a top team in the conference.

Lastly, saying that Mac doesn't have the offense to beat Laurier by a large margin, when they beat Guelph by 20, just doesn't make much sense does it?