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I am told that raising these teams to Varsity Club status will cost Sport Services at uOttawa a bit. There will be administrative costs, as uOttawa deals on their behalf with the Varsity League they are playing in. Like all Gee-Gees Varsity athletes an employee will keep track of their eligibility to play Varsity and this is a cost. The current system of keeping track of eligibility has worked well .Since it was implemented uOttawa has not been caught,or had to self declare, that they played an ineligible athlete.
I guess what I was getting at is that the teams already do this on their own. Yes they could have some administrative costs by adding some of these. But it isn't absolutely necessary, as the teams already are self contained and have no official status within Huskie Athletics. All the softball team wants is the rights to the name and logo, that doesn't cost them anything as the softball team operates independently.

My ideal move to the NAIA would of course incur some fees as the U of S would have to join the NAIA, which would mean paying whatever that costs and all. But the current setup is fully funded by the softball team. Plus since softball is not a Canada West or USport sport, the eligibility requirements are likely less strict, which likely does not necessitate having a dedicated admin to look after their eligibility.