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    I got the impression degelman and wandell could be back, obviously I took the wrong impression. I feel good about Rams still...... but the Rams Oline has 4/5 turnover now on the Oline with only Andrew Becker back. That said the replacements that will now play got lots of game time last year (or at least got redshirt time with Bryan Robinson
    Bowen Pisula) who both did well enough to win starter spots.

    And they recruited very well with CJFL/pfc all star O-linemen in Michele Vecchio and Theren Churchill who will start.

    Roe Borgmann,Thomas Stanton,Liam Jensen all got lots of playing time last year and some started games, these guys proved they can do a pretty good job in there imho. Sounds like raw rookie Parker Hodel had a good camp, Maguire Abell a true freshman was with team canada at some point I believe. US recruit Matthew Couch- was in US college football - Citrus College

    Re - one dimensional rams------
    although they can be one dimensional at times and despite the o-line turnover I mentioned – Atlee Simon was considered a very good RB very early in his career then sort of fell off when he had some injury issues. If he's healthy he could have a good year. Then you've got former cjfl all star in Jacob Palmarin. and some talented younger guys like Kyle Borsa (high up rifl talent). Also nick cross apparently starts as a true freshman linebacker picked right out of leboldus(he was a high up talent in the RIFL).
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