This of course ignores that most existing USports football schools don't have any desire to be in a lower league. Most schools who have USports football are fairly large. It is hard to see how we could justify moving very large institutes like UofT, York, McGill, or Alberta to a second tier. Even those who are a bit smaller often punch above their weight, and want the chance to compete with the best (like Regina). If Regina didn't want to be in the top tier, they would've just stayed in their old league.

The only current grouping that is both notably smaller and has moved to play against more like-minded schools is AUS. Even there, I'm fairly sure they value the current alignment. They can play their season against similar sized schools, while still having a chance to take on the nation's best come playoff time. I'm sure they maintain the dream that if they are having a good year, they could compete on the national stage, and SMU might be a big enough school that they could someday pull it off again. If they didn't care about being in the same league as the rest of us, they all could've left to join AFL rather than stick around in USports.

Based on what the teams currently want, any realignment needs to maintain a route for all 27 schools could get to the Vanier, at least for now. Teams have shown some willingness to play a regular season schedule that is weighted towards opponents of a similar strength, as long as they're not completely relegated to a separate lesser league. This is something that could be worked with and expanded upon, if the desire is there.

I think if OUA/RSEQ or just OUA would set up some sort of divisions based on team strength, where the better teams in the second division are still entered into the main playoffs, then we could have the best of both worlds. All teams would still be playing USports football, but the regular season would have a lot less blowout games. By having a quasi division 2 available everywhere except in the West, there would be a feasible entry point for smaller schools to start football and play similar minded teams, rather than getting blown out by teams like Laval and Western.

If enough smaller schools started playing football, then maybe we'd see the building blocks in place to have a truly separate division 2.