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Bishops moving to AUS certainly wasn't for geographic considerations, so it is AUS who has decided to break the model of geographic conferences in favor of other considerations. If we ever did see some smaller schools enter USports in central Canada, and the creation of new conference to house those teams, then it could be that some sort of division 2 would start to be appealing. Really, it is about the only reason it'd ever make sense to not have all of the conference winners go straight to the final 4. With 5 conferences, they couldn't all go straight to the semi-final. Rather than rotating who must play into that last spot, a meaningful game could be inserted into the playoff schedule. I don't think any of this is too likely though.
I agree with this and in my mind it is recognition that is long overdue. What baffles me about Ontario is that the schools that have been dragging the bottom of the OUA for years definitely have the means to be much better. For example. York, UofT, and Waterloo are three of the largest schools in the OUA. So, why are they consistently so bad? Geography makes sense from a travel budget perspective. But, in the case of Bishops, it has not been a fair fight. I think Ontario has to answer why the bad teams are so consistently bad. Because, it is not the same reason why the AUS and Bishops are lagging behind. Once that gets determined, then you will have a basis for tiering in Ontario.