To me, the last hold out is Ontario. Bishops moving to the AUS is a move towards tiering. They were no longer competitive in the Q and so moved to the AUS to play against "like minded" schools. I hope this will prove that a football program can thrive in a less nationally competitive conference. I think the entire AUS will benefit from this move. The West, in my mind, is not really in need of tiering as it is already fairly balanced top to bottom. This is good, because it is also the least practical conference for tiering. That only leaves Ontario. It is a conference with enough teams to sub-divide. It is also a conference with consistent blow-outs and lopsided contests. I believe that creating a lower tier in Ontario will also allow new programs to join with a smaller learning curve.

Patience may be needed. Bishops will hopefully prove that a clear move to a less nationally competitive conference will enable an otherwise stagnant program to thrive once again. This will then provide the "lesser" programs in Ontario the faith needed to make a similar move.