Your prayers have been answered! The OHT27 is back for another year. And everybody is wondering which fans of Hollywood will inspire this year's thread. Well, I don't seek out the ladies. The ladies seek out me. What would happen this year? It must have been fate.

In doing some hockey research, I came across a story about Laurier. Everybody knows it used to be Waterloo Lutheran. But before that it was Waterloo College. And its teams were called the "Mules"! [LINK]

So this got me thinking they should go back to that name. I shall henceforth refer to the team as the Laurier Mules. Then I thought about this:

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Which led to the thought: "What would their logo look like?" Some research came up with this:

Now for what was Hee Haw famous? Ladies in cut off blue jeans! And who perfected this look?

That's right, DAISY DUKE! Now I see that down in the States, Florida State has many groups of Daisy Duke fans out there. Here are some samples:

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The quality of this year's thread has forced us to sell commercial space. So make sure you watch these topical commercials.

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