First off, it was a great event. Having the three teams playing was a really great way to watch an exhibition match. Having the teams switch up kept it interesting for sure. Congratulations to the event planners who did a great job. I hope to see this kind of event happen again. There was a decent crowd, considering the students are not on campus yet. As mentioned above, there was a strong representation of Guelph fans who all seemed to have a good time.

As far as the play was concerned, it was just ugly. This was a pre-season game in every sense. The first match up between X and Guelph was a comedy of errors with neither team playing particularly well. Points came from mistakes. Pierre from Guelph was fun to watch. He hits the line with good speed, which got him into the second line on pretty much every run. Millar (X's first QB) was really out of sync for most of the quarter. But, once he got a chance to use his arm he showed some real promise. He was by far (in my biased opinion) the nicest passer of the afternoon. Timing remains a big issue, but that's no surprise for a new QB.

I felt bad for MtA, who came in after Guelph had a quarter under their belt and got hit like a deer caught in the headlights. By the time the Mounties got their feet under them, they had momentum working heavily against them. This was perhaps the only downside to the format.

I have concerns about X's depth. As said above, the starters didn't stay in for long. But, the replacements did not play well. It was ugly all around. Sure, they were working on QBs, but there were issues all around. The defense was terrible and seemed completely unprepared. Let's hope that a bit more work in practice will help.