The 2017 CFL east is no prize , we can all agree on that I"m sure.

But in this cesspool of mediocrity floats a dead cat.

No eastern team is more sad to glance at ( because no one can bear to watch them long ) than the Ti-Cats.

I'd say that they su** but even that requires more efforts than clawless kittens have shown all season so far.

I've recommended to the CFL that they ask McMaster's U for a loan of the Marauders for next game. The kids could use the money
and at least they will lose TRYING !!

The Ti-Cats are so bad, CatWoman sent a letter to DC Comics to have her costume colors ( black black ) with gold jelwelry changed to purple and silver so that
her canadian fans would not mistake her for a Ti-Cat fan

The Ti-Cats are so bad , renowned Sport's shrink Abraham Hesahellofasonofabitch suggested they held controlled scrimmages against the York Lions to regain some confidence.

The Ti-Cats are so bad, they make Schrodinger's cat experiment fail because they are dead BEFORE getting into the darn box .