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Frustrates the hell out of me as well. I may be just guessing but but I sense its a little worse in Ontario than anywhere else in the country. In fairness though the 'NCAA-first' fans are everywhere throughout Canada. You mentioned Sarnia - I'm guessing you live there? But Sarnia is a small city without an OUAA team (closest is Western, an hour away) and yet Michigan is literally on the other side of the river, so Sarnia's situation is probably a little more unique in terms of the U of Michigan and Michigan State having an even stronger hold on Ontarians.

But in general I believe television plays a big role in creating Canadian fanfare for a US product. I get it - we all get more US channels than any other country in the world outside of the US so we are naturally going to be exposed to a lot of NCAA games, but its reinforced by Canadian air time as well. Although understandable it drives me nuts when a Thursday or Friday night game (sometimes even Saturday afternoon) is covered by TSN between two losing NCAA teams, and yet our top U-Sport teams struggle to receive any form of television coverage (even though there are 10-11 Cdn all-sports channels). Understandably of course its easy for TSN to simply pick the game up to fill space because its part of a contractual NCAA package they have already paid for. But until that issue/problem is addressed and set right it only reinforces the perceived inferiority of the U-Sport product with impressionable (young) Canadian fans. I'm not saying the U-Sport product is inferior but the perception that it is definitely is the reality U-Sport faces. Start showing games, and those games presenting background scenes of full stadiums (even small full stadiums) and newspapers (like the one in Windsor you mentioned) and televisions stations will take notice. But until then, therein lies the challenge. PS - not sure this and the last post belong here - we probably should have started a new thread of a discussion that has probably previously been talked about forever.
You have a point about TV's impact I believe. Look at the difference in the Q, the NCAA is for all intent and purpose absent from the airwaves ( I just dated myself ) there might be a short
sound bite on the sports channels IF a french kid head south and makes a Div-1 roster but not much more. Of course hardcore NCAA footballs fans exist in the Q but they have to rely on expensive dish or cable sports-channel packages in order to watch any meaningful amount of games. It's the same for the newspapers. You have a fair chance of getting more and better coverage of the NCAA in the sport's betting section