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Sweeping the Evil Monkeys is always a good thing. And a rare thing, too. The stories of the night were scoring from three different lines, control of the boards and physical presence, and goaltending when needed.

The Bison line-up and alignment was unchanged from Friday. The Monkeys made these switches:

35 Sawchenko in for 1 Burke

22 Carroll in for 7 Lange

29 Bredo in for 23 Clarkson
11 Cooper in for 17 Hart

Their alignment did not change, but for the above-noted substitutions.


1st – 04:12 – Man Zach Franko (5)
2nd – 07:56 – Man Brett Brooks (5)
2nd – 12:54 – Alta Riley Kieser (4)
2nd – 13:51 – Man Quintin Lisoway (5)

After a big win on Friday night my fear was that there would be some let-up in the return match. Not to be. If anything, the Bisons improved their overall performance.

The 1st period was quite low-key. Not a lot of shots either way, and not as ill-tempered as the other 5+ periods on the weekend. The only goal came early, by Franko set up by the rest of the #1 line.

The 2nd period was of much higher intensity. The contact was frequent, and the skating was fast-paced. Brooks' goal was a whack-and-hack from a flurry of activity. Kieser's reply was off a turnover from the #1 line, trying to go forward before securing possession and creating an opening big enough for several bananas. In such situations the Monkeys are skilled enough to make a couple passes to set up the open man. The fact that the Bisons repsonded less than a minute later seemed to unnerve the Primates. Lisoway used his linemates as decoys on a break-out play and shot a laser past Zach Sawchenko in the monkey cage.

The 3rd period was scoreless, but still lots of hits. The Bisons were mostly in a shell, and that often backfires. After two periods, the shots were 18-16 for the Monkeys. But in the 3rd, it was 13-6. But none were on break-aways, something the Bisons prevented all weekend.

Byron Spriggs got the win, stopping 30 of 31 shots, and Sawchenko stopped 19 of 22 in taking the loss.

Next weekend the Herd is running back to Saskatown, then its off to MRU. After two weeks away, they return home to face Regina January 26-27.

What can I say about a team that was 15-1? Leading contenders for the U-Cup will want recordings of these games. Well, compared to most of the CW, they lack size. They can be out-hit. The Monkeys are adept at making sure the majority of face-offs are in the other end. They were excellent at not icing the puck. Your whole line-up has to be ready to play defence. They have four lines of skilled players. If you try low percentage passes you will give up breakaways, so smart play for all 60 minutes is required. And your goaltender has to make saves. Their skill will produce good shots no matter what. Strong defencemen who can clear the crease are needed.




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The Banjo Cats bounced back from their Friday night debacle with a solid matinee performance. After two periods it was 2-2 and shots were 20-19 in favour of MRU. But in the 3rd the Bluegars rose to the occasion, outshooting the Banjo Cats 16-10 and scoring twice on a pair of goals by Morgan Zulnick, the last one into an empty net. Cam Lanigan stopped 27 of 29 shots for the win. Dawson MacAuley stopped 32 of 35 in the loss.



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The H๘rny ุnes have to be happy that they rebounded for a split against a higher ranked oppoenent. The ice must have been sloped. 1st period shots were 17-11 for Sask. (wow!) Then Lethbridge outshot Sask 11-5 in the 2nd. The flow was reversed once more when Sask dominated the 3rd by a 14-5 margin. After two periods the shots were even, but the Horns held a 3-0 lead. Sask's 3rd period fell short, ended by an empty-netter. Garret Hughson picked up another win, with 34 saves on 36 shots. Jordon Cooke took the loss, with 23 saves on 26 shots.



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Just like in Lethbridge, Friday night's 3-2 loser became Saturday night's 4-2 winner. With the score tied 2-2 in the 3rd period, Cain Franson scored shorthanded to notch the winner for Bedrock U. Matthew Greenfield stopped 25 of 27 shots for the win, and Matt Hewitt stopped 24 of 28 in the loss. So the teams had two evenly matched games, must different than in the 1st semester when the Dinos crushed the T-irds.



Jan 06 Guelph 2 Brock 1
Jan 06 Laurentian 2 Nipissing 1
Jan 06 Laurier 3 Waterloo 2
Jan 06 McGill 3 Carleton 2
Jan 06 Ottawa 0 Concordia 2
Jan 06 R.M.C. 4 U.Q.T.R. 5
Jan 06 W. Ontario 4 Ryerson 3 (ot)
Jan 06 Windsor 4 Lakehead 5 (ot)
Jan 06 U.O.I.T. 0 Queen's 3

Jan 06 Acadia 4 Saint Mary's 2
Jan 06 Dalhousie 5 U.P.E.I. 2
Jan 06 St. F.X. 5 New Brunswick 2

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Canada West
Jan 12 Calgary at Alberta
Jan 12 Lethbridge at Mount Royal
Jan 12 Manitoba at Saskatchewan
Jan 12 U.B.C. at Regina

Jan 07 Dalhousie at New Brunswick
Jan 10 Moncton at Saint Mary's

Jan 07 York at Toronto
Jan 10 McGill at U.Q.T.R.
Jan 11 Guelph at Waterloo
Jan 11 Toronto at Ryerson

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