(in overtime)


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A big win for the Bisons on a great night for hockey in Winnipeg. A gold medal for Canada, a win for the Jets, and a win for the Bisons all on one night. Amazingly, there was a decent turnout at the Wayne Fleming Arena when there were Jets/Sabres and Canada/Sweden competing on TV.

The win was especially gratifying because the Herd was down to four defencemen, and because Remi Laurencelle finally got into the lineup, and scored the winner. Here's how they lined up:


35 Spriggs (34 Sydora)

2 Henry – 16 Heinrich
3 Christensen – 25 Skrudema
28 Stovin

27 Franko – 14 Nault – 18 St. Croix
24 Augert – 13 Laurencelle – 8 Bilton
12 Zajac – 22 B Bowles – 26 Lisoway
21 Brooks – 23 Schreyer – 17 Callis
19 Spencer

1 Paulic (G)
4 Bresciani – 9 Douglas – 11 Sharonov (D)
15 S Bowles – 20 Keane – 29 Wasylak (F)


1 Burke (35 Sawchenko)

6 Craig – 5 Fram
8 Rehill – 29 Bredo
7 Lange – 4 Kirichenko

23 Clarkson – 14 Kieser – 17 Hart
10 Crooks – 9 Legault – 19 Magee
36 Cox – 12 Philp – 26 Sanford
37 Nickles – 13 Owre – 18 Baillie

31 Cameron (G)
22 Carroll – 24 Tomchuk – 52 Charif (D)
11 Cooper – 27 Kimmett – 40 Lineker (F)


1st – 02:13 – Alta Steven Owre (6)
1st – 06:16 – Alta Jamie Crooks (12)
1st – 06:37 – Man Sean Christensen (3)
1st – 12:42 – Man Quintin Lisoway (4)
2nd – 19:19 – Man Brad Bowles (1)
3rd – 05:38 – Man Michael St. Croix (7)
3rd – 12:12 – Alta Brandon Magee (7)
3rd – 16:37 – Alta Tyson Baillie (3)
4th – 01:04 – Man Remi Laurencelle (2)

I arrived barely on time, not having had time to dine at home. So I needed a U of M burger/fries deluxe meal. While dressing up my burger Owre had the audacity to score for the Monkeys, thus angering the hockey Gods. When Crooks gave the Apes a 2-0 lead as I was working on my fries, all I could think of was Crooks deserve jail. Within 21 seconds the Herd was on the way back, as the Good Lord intended. Christensen's goal was set up by Franko and St. Croix, who dominated the Monkeys whenever they were on the ice. When Lisoway tied the game it was clear that the early momentum of the Monkeys had subsided, and by period's end the shots were almost even (11-10 for the Apes), and the score reflected the play.

Captain Brett Stovin had to move from centre to defence, and did a very good job. He was turned around on the 2nd Monkey goal, and on one other occasion when Byron Spriggs bailed him out. Stovin also centred the PK.

The 2nd period saw things calm down. One thing about the Monkeys – they don't like to ice the puck. They had the edge in shots just by making sure that faceoffs were generally in the Bison end. Brad Bowles scored a key goal (his first of the season) to give the Bisons their first lead of the night in the last minute of play.

The lead gave the Bisons a sense of confidence heading into the 3rd, and they picked up the pace. St. Croix's 7th of the season gave the Bisons a 2-goal lead. And some great chances followed. Then came the penalty parade, and some controversy. On the night, the Bisons had 7 of 9 minor penalties. One strange occurrence was when the Bisons were on the PK. Bowles was trying to get off the ice through the team door and Cole Sanford was in the way. They pushed and each got a penalty. Overall, the Bisons had 4 penalties in 3 1/2 minutes. This got the Apes swinging from vines, throwing feces, and grabbing bananas. They bombarded Spriggs with quality shots, and two of them found their way in.

Laurencelle made his presence felt throughout the game. In overtime he led a 2-on-1 break during 4-on-4 and used the decoy to open up the top shelf. In the celebration, Franko and St. Croix apparently had something to say to the officials, and each got 10 minute misconducts. But who cares?

The rematch goes Saturday at 6:00 CST. Everybody who was at Friday's games is likely to return, and many more who were watching the TSN double-feature will join them.




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The Cat Fight was more like a cougar against a kitten. For the Banjo Cats, Michael Herringer started in goal but gave up 4 goals on 8 shots before getting the heave-ho. Dawson MacAuley stopped 33 of 37 shots in relief. For the Bluegars, Jesse Lees scored 4 goals and Cam Lanigan got the W with 25 saves. It would be just like Regina to get a win on Saturday.



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I saw the ending of this one on []. Banjo Mutt goaltender Jordon Cooke sealed the win by stopping three 3rd period break-aways. The stats were more heavily in the Mutts' favour. While Cooke made some gave-saving saves in the 21 shots he faced, Garret Hughson's 37 of 40 was the bigger feat. Alex Forsberg scored twice for the winners.


(in overtime)


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The T-irds were the greatest beneficiary of Bedrock U's forfeitures, and to rub salt in the wounds ended their big time slump with an honest win over the Dinos. The shots were almost even (33-31 for the Dinos). Matt Hewitt got the win and Jordan Papirny took the loss. UBC was on an 8-game losing streak entering the game.



Jan 04 Toronto 1 Guelph 3
Jan 05 Brock 4 York 2
Jan 05 Concordia 4 U.Q.T.R. 5 (ot)
Jan 05 Ottawa 2 McGill 3
Jan 05 R.M.C. 2 Carleton 4
Jan 05 Ryerson 7 Laurier 1
Jan 05 U.O.I.T. 2 Queen's 3
Jan 05 Waterloo 1 W. Ontario 5
Jan 05 Windsor 1 Lakehead 3

Jan 03 Saint Mary's 7 Moncton 1
Jan 05 Dalhousie at New Brunswick – ppd to Jan 7th at 2:00 pm
Jan 05 Moncton 4 Acadia 7
Jan 05 St. F.X. 2 U.P.E.I. 3 (so)

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Jan 06 Alberta at Manitoba
Jan 06 Mount Royal at Regina
Jan 06 Saskatchewan at Lethbridge
Jan 06 U.B.C. at Calgary

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