MANITOBA BISONS (6-4-0, 10-8-1, OHT35 #12)
LETHBRIDGE PRONGHORNS (1-8-1, 5-13-1, OHT35 #31)

Nov 10 7:00 MST/8:00 CST at Lethbridge Nicholas Sheran Arena
Nov 11 1:00 MST/2:00 CST at Lethbridge Nicholas Sheran Arena

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This weekend and last are/were weekends where the Bisons needed/need sweeps if they want to finish in the upper echelons of the CW this year. They are now 6-4-0 and sitting in 4th place, just one point behind 3rd place Calgary. Lethbridge sits dead last at 1-8-1, a point behind Regina. The Herd has just two series left in the first half, this one and next weekend at home against Calgary.

Last year the Bisons went 3-1-0 against the Hrny nes, and are 10-6-0 over the last four seasons.

But beware. Lethbridge was just pipped by UBC for the final playoff berth each of the last two seasons, and they seemed ready to once again be a playoff contender this year. So-so pre-season, and a split with Calgary started their season. Then things fell apart. Eight straight losses. Worse, the first of those was in overtime against Sask. In the last 7 games, one was by two goals and the rest were by three or more.

Lethbridge has two good scorers, Mitchell Maxwell is 4-7-11 and Justin Valentino is 3-4-7. Nobody else has more than 4 points. As a team, they have scored just 18 goals, last in the CW. Regina is next-worst, at 26. In goal they have sophomore Garret Hughson and rookie Ty Edmonds, playing roughly a 60/40 split. Their numbers are not stellar. Hughson is 1-4-1, 4.17 GAA, and .889 S%. Edmonds is 0-4-0, 5.32 GAA, and .832 S%. Overall, they have given up 48 goals, only 3 goals better than Regina's 51.

The Bisons are on a four-game winning streak. Byron Spriggs has rallied in goal so that his numbers are now quite respectable, 5-4-0, 3.22 GAA, .894 S%. Scoring is being led by Michael St. Croix, 4-7-11 (tied for 7th in the CW) and defenceman Adam Henry, 4-6-10 (tied for 13th).

Last weekend, 2016-17 CW Rookie-of-the-Year Remi Laurencelle made his return to the line-up. He had a goal and an assist and transformed the 3rd line into an offensive threat. There are still several players who remain on the shelf yet to see their first action of the regular season: goaltender Justin Paulic, defencemen Rene Hunter and Victor Sharonov, and forward Jonah Wasylak. One thing I will want to check out is whether the Zajac-Stovin-Augert line returns to form, if in fact they stick together.

ALBERTA GOLDEN BEARS (10-0-0, 15-1-0, OHT35 #1)
SASKATCHEWAN HUSKIES (8-1-1, 9-4-1, OHT35 #6)


UofS: [Series Preview] ∞ [Secret Santa Program] ∞ [Series Notes (pdf)]
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This is the feature series of the weekend, nation-wide and not just in the CW. If the Evil Monkeys win this series, they will likely assure themselves of first place. The Rutherdump can be a tough place to win, however. While Saudi Alberta has been clearly the better team all season, one cannot discount the possibility that they are due for a loss. The numbers paint the picture. The Monkeys lead the CW with 52 goals scored (Sask is 2nd with 44), and with just 18 goals allowed (Sask is tied for 2nd with 21). This would be worth a watch at

REGINA COUGARS (1-7-2, 3-11-2, OHT35 #30)
CALGARY DINOSAURS (5-2-3, 11-3-4, OHT35 #7)


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The Bisons would love to see the Feline Bumpkins hold Bedrock U to something less than 4 points. Could they do it? Well, in all likelihood there will be one comfortable win for the Dinos and one tight game. The Dinos had a massive, and high-end, recruiting class. However, even high end major junior players take time to adjust to a tougher league. That appears to be happening here. I would suggest most pundits had them winning more than 5 games so far. I was a bit leary. From what I have seen, they will likely be competing hard with the Bisons for 3rd place.

MOUNT ROYAL COUGARS (4-5-1, 5-7-1, OHT35 #18)
U.B.C. THUNDERBIRDS (5-4-1, 8-5-1, OHT35 #16)


UBC: [Series Preview]
MRU: [Team Site]

This is the Battle for Fifth! Probably not the best marketing slogan. Both sides would like to challenge for 4th place, and the right to host a playoff series. MRU has recently achieved that level, but have now slipped back. UBC has made it to that level just once since, well, roughly around Moses' trip to Sinai. Both sides wrap up the first half next week with tough opponents. (MRU plays Sask and UBC plays Alberta.) I strongly suspect a split this weekend. The UBC preview story cites two factoids of interest. UBC has the top PP in the CW at 27.5%. And they are tied with Regina for the most shots allowed per game, 38.5. Their #1 goaltender, Matt Hewitt, stole two games for them against Lethbridge. His numbers are 5-1-1, 3.14 GAA, .922 S%. The Bluegars have been using all three goaltenders. Colin Cooper has been a good #1 in the past, but this year his numbers are 3-2-0, 2.92 GAA, and .884.



Nov 15 Waterloo 4 Ryerson 6
Nov 17 Concordia at McGill
Nov 17 Guelph at W. Ontario
Nov 17 Laurier at Brock
Nov 17 Ottawa at Carleton
Nov 17 Queen's at Laurentian
Nov 17 R.M.C. at U.Q.T.R.
Nov 17 Ryerson at Windsor
Nov 17 Toronto at Lakehead
Nov 17 U.O.I.T. at Nipissing
Nov 17 York at Waterloo
Nov 18 Carleton at U.Q.T.R.
Nov 18 Guelph at Brock
Nov 18 McGill at Concordia
Nov 18 Queen's at Nipissing
Nov 18 R.M.C. at Ottawa
Nov 18 Toronto at Lakehead
Nov 18 U.O.I.T. at Laurentian
Nov 18 W. Ontario at Laurier
Nov 18 York at Windsor

Nov 15 Acadia 2 Saint Mary's 3
Nov 17 Acadia at Moncton
Nov 17 New Brunswick at St. F.X.
Nov 17 U.P.E.I. at Dalhousie
Nov 18 New Brunswick at Dalhousie
Nov 18 Saint Mary's at Moncton
Nov 18 U.P.E.I. at St. F.X.


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