A fair bit of new links have been added in the last 24 hours. Here they are!

GoBisons: [Series Preview]
Manitoban: [Former Bison hockey coach climbs in NHL all-time win standings]
Saskatchewan: [Series Preview] : [Game Notes (pdf)]

Both the Bisons and Mutts have added weekend links. Sask also has a 5-page pdf download available. The CW used to put out a large pdf each week, which served as a great program along with the lineup cards they pass out at the gate.

The story in The Manitoban is on former Bison player and coach Barry Trotz and his NHL success.


UBC: [Series Preview]

Regina's preview was linked in the preview post, and now UBC has their preview posted as well.

UofC: [Series Preview]

In the Town of Bedrock they have now posted their series preview story.



Jan 11 Guelph 5 Waterloo 2
Jan 11 Toronto 5 Ryerson 7


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