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Thread: Mean, nasty and huge! Global recruit effort lands UBC football mammoth Mexican OL

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    Well, I looked up Universities in Mexico and Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores in Guadalajara wasn't on the list of Institutes of Technology, or State Universities or even Private Universities according to Wikipedia. Perhaps it's some small college club team.
    I checked a few other sites pero mi español es mierda.
    What I could find was the Guadalajara campus of ITSEM. It has a football team from what my Spanish (which basically consists of dos cervezas por favor) could come up. They have a Wikipedia page as well.,_Guadalajara

    The main Wikipedia page for ITSEM says that it is similar to the University of California or the California State University system, with campuses across Mexico. The one thing that I can't find specifically for this guy is whether he attended Undergrad classes or High School.

    Most of them deliver both high school and undergraduate education, some offer postgraduate programs and only five (Cumbres, Eugenio Garza Sada, Eugenio Garza Lagüera, Santa Catarina and Valle Alto) deliver high school courses exclusively. Nevertheless, curricular and extension courses and seminars are usually available at most facilities.
    However, their sports teams Wikipedia page (apparently they all share the same name of Borregos Salvajes) doesn't mention Guadalajara Campus as having a team.

    But further digging and Googling came to the CONADEIP, which appears to be a breakaway organization for University sports in Mexico. He is listed on the roster for the Borregos Salvajes - ITSEM Guadalajara for last season (#75) and shows he is in his second year of eligibility. So it looks like he has only three years of eligibility.

    Here is the eligibility rules as per the USports site, I added the bold for emphasis. It looks like as long as you are a Canadian or a Permanent Resident, you can transfer from a NCAA/NAIA school to a CIS school without penalty as long as you don't try during the same academic year. So a hockey player at Michigan can't decide at Christmas that he wants to go play at Windsor and jumps mid-season. However, if you are not a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident (which I am thinking Diego Montoya is not), he has to sit out a year. So at least by my amateur detective work, he cannot play for UBC this year. Had he come out of high school he would be eligible to play immediately. So based on what I can figure out he has to sit out a year.
    Non-Canadian Degree Granting Institutions
    A student-athlete, who transfers to a CIS member institution team from a non-
    Canadian post-secondary degree granting institution team (such as the NCAA or
    NAIA), shall be eligible to participate immediately in CIS competition, unless:
    a. the student-athlete has participated in any competition with their former non-
    Canadian post-secondary institution in that semester or term, or
    b. the student-athlete has been assessed a season of competition (or a year of
    eligibility or equivalent) in the same academic year that they wish to transfer
    and compete with a CIS member institution, or
    c. the student-athlete has not satisfied Academic Standing Requirements in his or
    her final year as a student-athlete at their former institution (as per,
    d. the student-athlete has been assessed a season of competition (or a year of
    eligibility or equivalent) in any recognized sport(s) of CIS in four academic
    years within their former non-Canadian post-secondary jurisdiction(s) (as per, or
    e. the student-athlete left their former NCAA or NAIA institution having
    exhausted their eligibility as per the jurisdiction’s respective time-clock /
    terms of attendance regulations (as per, or
    f. the student-athlete is not a Canadian Citizen or does not have permanent
    resident status in Canada, in which case the individual cannot participate for a
    period of one year from their last competition in the sport in which they
    participated at their former institution
    , or
    g. the student-athlete has previously received similar accommodation regarding
    an unencumbered transfer within any other jurisdiction.
    Member institutions are required to submit an application using form in order to receive confirmation that a student-athlete is able to
    access this accommodation.
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