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Thread: Mean, nasty and huge! Global recruit effort lands UBC football mammoth Mexican OL

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    So my Spanish is largely non-existent, but I take this to mean he played last season for a University in Mexico. So I assume that means he only has four years of eligibility for UBC? Actually, if he played University ball, doesn't he have to sit out a season as a transfer, so he would be ineligible to play this year at all?
    Very good question. Is the Mexican education system treated as if it is the "NCAA south of the Rio Grande " as far as transfer to CIS/USports are concerned ??

    Ceasar Sanchez-Hernandez came to the R&O from a Cegep , played with Les Condors de Beauce , so the answer is not to be found there.

    Can any of the old Laval fans remember where Huerta-Flores came from ?? I'm drawing a blank And the RSEQ archives are less than useful as usual . I'm not about to "Friend" the guy on Facebook just to ask him. that would be rude.
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