Even before the NHL deal that Rogers signed, I always felt that the company never really wanted university sports, but that it did not want TSN to have it. It was very much a Dog in the Manger attitude on the part of Rogers. I also think they saw the big numbers that the Vanier Cups in 2011 and 2012 produced, and expected more of the same. When that didn't really pan out, Rogers lost interest. The production cost is a legitimate hurdle, but why purchase a property that you won't invest in? Buying WWE, poker and darts is cheap, but does that build your brand? Maybe.

Doesn't really matter now that the NHL deal comes first, last, and always. Bluejays will continue to get big coverage, but even when they were bad with low ratings, it was just a write-off for Rogers since they own the team. Hockey in the winter and Bluejays in the summer. Sprinkle in some curling and some soccer and profits are guaranteed. Why would anyone at Rogers care about U Sports?