I find it very unlikely that the Trustees had nothing to do with Towriss leaving. The main thing that changed between the end of the season where the plan was for him keep him going, and the sudden decision to remove him, is the establishment of the Board.

For the Huskies sake, it would be nice to see Flory follow the same career path as Towriss. Arguably Flory has greater credentials going into this job than Towriss did when he took over. Will they capture lightning in a bottle twice?

The expectations are so much higher for Flory than they were for Towriss. I don't think Flory will be granted the same room to grow and develop as Towriss received in the 80s. He needs to hit the ground running and win against some of the best coaches in the country (Harris, Nill, Dobie). Not an easy task.