Do you really believe that BT would have left if it weren't for the new Board? It is awful coincidental that he went from planning to return to being asked to leave against his will right after the Board of Trustees came into being.

Now I imagine that it ultimately wasn't the Board's call to make. It wouldn't make much sense for them to have authority to remove a coach but have no role in hiring them (though I've seen screwier setups than that, so it can't be ruled out). I suspect the Board simply has a lot of influence and exerted pressure on the admin to make the move that they did.

If that is the case, some fault does rest with the admin for caving in to those requests/demands, if it wasn't a move they were prepared to undertake. Some fault would also lie with the new Trustees for pushing for a change without having a full understanding of the consequences.

While it may be true that they were able to attract high calibre applicants with their current process, they were unable to *hire* any of them. It really doesn't matter how great the candidates are if the process in place eliminates most of them from contention. Clearly there were a lot of details that needed to be sorted out before the process began that weren't adequately dealt with.

If the reality of the situation was that the university was only comfortable transitioning the team to Flory, there was no reason to burn bridges with BT and ruin a recruiting season in order to run a hiring process that was only for show.

It is also possible that the admin would've been more open to bringing in an outsider if the timing were different. If the change wasn't happening so late, that continuity with Flory and Guebert might not matter so much to them. I seem to recall warning that removing BT and putting Flory and Guebert in as "co-coaches" for two months was a terrible move. Most brushed it off as no big deal, up until now. Admittedly, I put the blame for the co-coach hire on the wrong people, since it appears the Board didn't make that call. But I also believe that the entire chain of events doesn't happen at all without the Board's input and knowledge.