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Thread: UofS to name new Huskies' coach today

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    I don't understand how anyone can say the Board of Trustees had nothing to do with BT leaving. The BOT was created and developed over a long period of time with the driver being the funding and influence of one guy. No one seems to want to mention his name on here, like he is Voldemort or something. David Dube had a pet project that he persistently worked at and threw money at until he eventually got himself into a place of power within the University.

    Mr Dube was simply a well off alumni, he had no influence over the team, until the BOT was formed. Is there anyone close to the program who thinks that A does not equal B? Does anyone beleive that the college of kineseology had the fortitude and funding to get rid of a guy who was as dug in and established as BT? There was no person or entity at the UofS that had the political clout to remove him and the money to pay him to leave, until the Dube led Board of Trustees opened it's doors.

    The undenialable facts.
    1. The Board of Trustees was formally introduced on Nov.1st
    2. The long serving AD Basil Houghton, who was BTs biggest defender and friend "announced his forthcoming retirement" 4 weeks later on Dec 1st.
    3. Coach Towriss "announced his resignation" on Dec.19th six weeks after the BOT was announced

    Those are facts, I am not going to guess on why DD had a personal mandate to push BT out. I think that what was important to DD is that BT got pushed out and that he knew who did it. He wanted to win. Did he think he was doing it in the best interest of the program? Was there a long standing personal issue between them from back in DDs playing days? I don't know, and either way it doesn't really matter.

    What does matter is that after the deed was done, there was no succession plan in place. The academic board then did what academics do when faced with any kind of crisis or pressure. They created a group at arms length to oversee the process. They vacilated and took too long. They attempted to gain consensus rather than make the best decision. They tried to save pennies while wasting dollars. Ultimately, they decided on the path that provided the least amount of conflict and the least amount of funds.

    In the end, the product on the field is what matters. If Florey was smart, he would be working on getting some fresh blood into the coordinators roles ASAP and focusing on recruiting in 2018. If he keeps doing what they have always done, they are going to get what they always got, minus having BT around to steer the ship.
    What you are really pointing out is that there was little to nothing in place to hold Huskie Athletics and the coaches accountable for performance prior to the board of trustees being established.

    One playoff win and no Hardy Trophy in a decade is what pushed BT out the door. Simple as that. Forget this "personal mandate" garbage. There has been no greater supporter of Huskie Athletics or the football team than David Dube over the past decade, and that includes major support to BT and his staff.

    This talk of not having a succession plan in place is complete nonsense. Coaches are hired to be fired. Do you think Alabama has a succession plan in case Nick Saban jumps ship? Is the plan to pass on the head coaching duties to the offensive coordinator in Manitoba when Brian Dobie retires? Of course not! The only succession plan that should be in place in the event that a coach is fired or quits is that they will hold an open competition to recruit a new head coach and allow that coach to hire their own staff.

    The College of Kinesiology screwed this up when they placed restrictions on the new hire and did not include anyone from the board of trustees on the selection committee. This was not their area of expertise, so they should have let those who know what it's like to recruit employees and build a team take the lead. Because of what they did, they have created more uproar and controversy and have alienated several supporters.

    I actually feel bad for Scott. He is in a really tough situation if he doesn't win now and stay at the top of the Canada West. I think your last sentence is correct - he has to hire new coaches from outside of the program who will shake this team up and bring immediate improvement, especially on defence.
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