Considering all U-Sports is doing is "stay the course" , and play the odds while praying that an Ontario Team from not too far will make it in , I find the whole " rah-rah " tone of the Press release more annoying than exciting.

And for the love of God, go easy on the "tremendous opportunity " when it's the 5th time a City is hosting.

It would have had the potential to be "tremendous" if it had been played in Ottawa for the 1st time , during the 150th Canadian anniversary , with a GC Champion CFL team in town and a big local rivalry between the GG and Ravens
to pump up the fans.
But when what you're looking for is to go back to a place where you jump "bombed" miserably, the word you are looking for is not tremendous, it's horrendous.

And memo to Arcelor-bla-bla-bla : the R&O is not 9-1 in Arceor-bla-bla-bla Vanier Cups it is 1-0 , if you need to hook yourself to the R&O's success that badly then kindly send checks to the Nice people at Desjardins, Telus, Endbridge and a couple others who were sponsoring the event when those wins happened.

Here, now, old grumpy me is back.!