Just as an FYI, CIS men's and women's basketball national championship will be held this week-end. Each will feature 8 teams and slots were allocated this way:

CW: 2
OUA: 2
AUS: 1 + host (Dalhousie)
Wild card: 1 (Calgary)


CW: 2 + host (Victoria)
OUA: 2
AUS: 1
Wild card: 1 (Laval)

I don't follow basketball but I can't find any outcry about Calgary and Laval's selection as wild cards, "following a vote by a committee of U Sports coaches". http://en.usports.ca/championships/m...leases/seeding

In all the talks about CIS football's future, maybe CIS should get inspired by... CIS: 8-team national playoff, make sure you get the best 4 in the semis, reward conference champions and teams that had a great season overall, acknowledge conference strenght variations and oh, give teams a good reason to schedule interlock in their bye weeks. This does not seem that complicated...