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So Todd Galloway, their former OC, is visibly gone.

They might intend to recruit Québec hard but will they succeed is another matter.
If they want to succeed all they can do is put themselves in the best possible position to do so. Taking the coach of the most prominent English speaking CEGEP (along with Vanier?) as their OC is a great start. Beyond that they'll run into the usual speed bumps pulling players out of the province but they were never going to get the true francophone players anyway, only the bilingual or anglophone.

Why would you travel way out of home, pay double tuition as compared to Quebec resident pricing, be immersed in your second language and have a lesser chance at a Vanier when you could just get all those at Laval or U de M? Some people do the reverse and go to the Blue or Red as barely literate french-speakers but the benefits of that transition are much greater than this one.

I imagine Guelph will get a handful more CEGEP players than they did before, and maybe a couple big scores, but it won't effect the Big 2 in the Q too much.