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I don't think you will ever see years of dominance in the OUA by any school as recruiting is just way too competitive. Sure teams like Western will always do well and be at the top of the standings but they have never really dominated like they used to back in the 80s or like Laval is doing now.
Not sure that's totally true. Western and Mac have the ability to do that. They recruit well, they just need that special HC and plan for development and higher level game plan...and investors are extremely important....there is much they can do to help market, and develop the team.... Not that their HC is bad, but the teams need more money, investors, to bring in even better players, more assistants for coaching, and change up the game plans, and the way they do things...why not have some trips down to Florida....although now with the travel issues and restrictions in the US, that might not be happening for Laval.

All this can be done, if it was done before, it can be done and happen again...they have to review, change things up a bit. They just need the right guys, plans in place