Higgins would be interesting. How well would he relate with younger players? Is he now looking to stay in one place for the rest of his career, or would he jump if given another opportunity with a CFL team or with the league office?

Flory seems to be able to impress people. He was often made his team's union representative. He managed to get hired to lead the CFLPA, though he did not last long in that role. He clearly comes across as smart and likeable to those around him. I suppose that could help him in the recruiting sphere, but I'm not convinced that he's the high calibre head coach that the Huskies would be seeking. At best he's an unproven guy with potential. He came from their system as a player and he did coach under Towriss, so if the hiring committee wants continuity he would have a leg up. No matter what they're planning to do, it is smart to interview internal candidates rather than reject them outright.

Sarge would be a shake up for the program, if that is what they're looking for. Clearly he can coach, motivate, and recruit young players at a high level. CIS isn't CJFL, but there are enough similarities that to make the skills and experience from one transferable to the other. The Saskatoon market likes him. It might even end the needless feud between the two levels in Saskatoon, assuming that the Hilltops wouldn't be too bitter about losing him.