In 2015 they were the best winless team in CIS history.

Opener vs. Alberta, loss by seven. Rams led by five until Alberta scored, and extended their lead to seven with a two-point. Rams marched back to the Alberta 35, and Noah Picton hit Davin Johnson for what looked to be a TD, only to have it dropped.

Week two at UBC, 27-20 loss. Had marched the ball to the UBC 18 with less than a minute remaining, until Viera was picked by Loffler in close coverage.

Week six vs. Manitoba. Rams had leads of 30-14 and 37-22. Ryan Jones hit a 41-yard FG with less than 1:30 for a Manitoba 39-38 win.

Week eight. Regina is up 37-24 with five minutes left despite coughing up the ball earlier in the game at the Sask 1, which was turned into seven points by the Huskies a few plays later. Sask wins 38-37 with a TD run with 20 seconds left.

They were blown out severely by Calgary twice, and were in their game up in Saskatchewan. So, four games decided by 7 or less, with all decided in the last 90 or so. Not your typical 0-8 team.

In 2016, they were very fortunate to win two games. An early season win against Manitoba, where they were down by 11 with 1:36 to play. Then there was the game against Calgary where it looked like Underdahl was headed to the end zone, only to get blown up by Joey Dwyer at the 1, and Regina recovered with seconds remaining for the win.

But, the opening OT game in Saskatoon was thievery. Officiating let the Huskies back into that game, and Regina deserved a better fate. So, if they had the luck of 2015, they would have been a 5-3 or 4-4 team. We know that teams out of the West with records like that can win Vanier Cups.

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It's not like you're saying....

Firstly, Regina lucked out last year, And....they are not a Laval or Montreal. They are more middle of the road team at best - it was that some of the other teams weren't at their best last year, and they improved some. They are not in Laval or Montreal's league; the only teams Mtl and Laval lost to last year was each other.

In fact in 2015, Regina didn't win a single game. They went 0 - 8. Imagine Laval doing that, or Montreal, or McMaster or Western In 2014, they were a 3 - 5 team, In 2013, they were a 2 and 6 team, you know, kind of like Laurier that same year 2013 who went 1- 7 - when some years they've been right on top or close to, 2009 they were 6 - 2, or 2007 7 - 1 or 2004, when they were right on top in the OUA. Can't compare the two, sorry.