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To me, it's about the integrity of the student athlete. Theoretically, athletes are supposed to be students first who compete in a sport while studying for a degree. It's true that the older student, who genuinely returns to school for academic reasons still fits this description. However, by allowing this, you open the door for the advanced athlete who attends a school for the sole purpose of continuing their athletic careers. Or worse, coaches finding ways to side step academic standards to stack their teams with stronger, more mature athletes. I have seen many student athletes, who have used up their eligibility move on to coaching as they finish their degrees (or 2nd degrees). To me, this is a far more appropriate step for the mature student.

This rule doesn't ensure the integrity of the student athlete. We all know that there are some athletes that would not qualify for university without some assistance of some kind. But, giving a student, who has focused much of their life on being an elite athlete, an opportunity to further their education, is not a bad thing. This is also why it is important for athletic teams to also encourage good study habits and the importance of their academic performance. I'd also like to see athletic awards (scholarships) get revoked if the student doesn't complete the term. I've seen many students (especially 5th yr players) drop out in November as soon as the season is finished. This shows that the athlete had never any intention of being a student.
You mean like 37 year old Hayley Wickenheiser playing for the Dinos? As far as I am concerned until they mandate under 25 in all sports, it has no place in football either. Very unfair that Hayley Wickenheiser could play, but a kid who breaks his leg in third year at age 24, can't finish out his eligibility.