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    We've come a long way from that. With a max age of 24, average has to be a couple years under that now.

    Besides, 5 in 7 was not about the Huskies... 5 in 7 is the Dobie rule. And THEY had quite a lot more than one or two 26 y/o.

    The Towriss rule was to get rid of the 5+5 rule. And at that time the Huskies also had more than one or two 26 y/o.
    I just don't consider it progress. Our society already suffers from an extreme degree of conformity, regarding how to live our lives, that is unhealthy imo. The rule changes accomplished nothing but lower the quality of football being played in CW, which is mission accomplished I guess. I wonder if Q fans will still like it when the next change hits them? That's how these things work - rules to fix "imbalances", which creates new imbalances that need to be fixed, and so on. Pretty soon we'll be watching house league.

    Anyway, everyone already knows how I feel about this issue so I'll let it go.
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