In Canada, our beloved game can best described as a 'boutique' sport. As such, its profile within the Canadian sports scene is somewhat diminutive, regardless of what we enthusiasts believe. Issues such as funding, concussions and (unfortunately) player behaviour cause us to shudder with dread when raised.
2400 young men play at the the university level. If not for football, half of these lads would never have the opportunity to earn a university degree. We understand the social/economic consequences of not attaining a post secondary education.
The CIS football community MUST make the survival and growth of this wonderful game priority # 1. Issues surrounding the competitive/financial imbalance in CIS football are discussed on this and other sites. Those continued imbalances represent a real danger to CIS football and must be addressed. I strongly suggest that those persons in authority attack these issues with renewed zeal and a serious desire to listen, and compromise. The game, and all our student athletes deserve it.