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    Default D2's Cakebread Playoff Pool

    I've decided to donate my bottle of Cakebread Cab for the the dot.orger that can pick the most wins throughout the balance of the playoffs.

    Here's my rules, like at work they are absolute and if I decide to change them along the course of the playoffs I likely will.

    Entry fee: $0 dollars
    Risk: none
    Picks: Select the winner based on the spreads I provide each week.
    Points: Each correct pick for this week is 2 points, next week 3 points, following week 4 points, Vanier is 5 points.
    Selections: Must be done by naming a team winner and can be sent to me by private message if you wish, which I'll try and post after the game starts.
    Added Bonus: From the date of this change any underdog that wins outright gets a bonus 2 points, thus if Calgary wins the Vanier picking them nets 7 points not 5.

    Tiebreaker: total points for the Vanier game
    2nd Tiebreaker: total points without being over the actual combined score
    3rd Tiebreaker: OUA supporters, then Q, then CW then AUS fans. This may sound unfair but it's in the order of conference that caused me winning the bottle pool.

    Week 1
    Acadia at MTA -2.5
    McMaster -3.5 at Laurier
    Carleton at Western -7.5
    McGill at Montreal -17.5
    Concordia at Laval -22.5
    Sask at Calgary -4.5
    UBC at Regina -5.5

    Good luck to those that join.
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