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Thread: D2's Cakebread Playoff Pool

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    Week 1
    Acadia at MTA -2.5 - Home team, 2.5 isn't much
    McMaster -3.5 at Laurier - Better kicker will make a diff in game with one dimensional offenses & tough defenses
    Carleton at Western -7.5 - Stangs win a close one. Or they trample the Ravens. Toss up. Take the points
    McGill at Montreal -17.5 - No comment. Uninteresting conference.
    Concordia at Laval -22.5 - Ditto.
    Sask at Calgary -4.5 - I like UofS's momentum.
    UBC at Regina -5.5 - Regina wins but I'm gambling it isn't by a lot. Probably Picton leads Rams to a come-from-behind win on final drive.
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