My daughter played post secondary rugby and is studying to be an Athletic Therapy, working with Laurier's Rugby teams this year so I wandered over to that page. We always talk about the top tier teams running the score on the lower tier teams. So how is this line:

5 games - 503 for, 5 against. That is an average score of 105-1. That is this year's record for the Guelph Ladies Gryph's Rugby team. They are in the final against undefeated McMaster, who in their 5 regular season wins averaged 63 - 9. By the way Guelph played Waterloo twice - one of which was a playoff game - total score was 238-0.

So don't worry, York, Waterloo or Alberta. (Yes Alberta Hollywood). Don't cry Bishops. At least your aren't getting run over by the Lady Gryphs!