As for CIS testing, as far as i know the testing is done randomly at the end of games where players from the active roster as chosen (my first year, 2001, is the only year i can recall that we had testing outside of games and the active roster). How often this is done I don't know, I know they take 3 or 4 players form each team at the end of the game, and we've had testing done in consecutive weeks. And I thought sworn testing positive for steroids was an automatic 4 year suspension.

As for legality, it's illegal plain and simple. There's a law and if you use steroids you're breaking the law.

The ethics behind steroid use, is steroid use ethical? no it's not, why? because you're breaking the rules, but people break rules in sports all the time.... not really, usually the rules are just being bent (holding, low blows, ect). In the case of steroids the rules have no room to be bent, circumvented yes but there are no ways to twist the rules regarding steroids. So, ethically it's wrong. Why? because society says so. "Ethics is the study of values and customs of a person or group."

Personally I don't know a whole lot on the subject, and I have no personal experience with steroids (as a user or as a witness). But as an athlete, when you walk into the weight room and you know you're on the bottom tier there's something in the back of your mind saying you have no hope of competing on the field if you can't compete in the weight room. Even with all the success I've had that something is still there. I worked my way up through University from the bottom rung close to the top only to find out when I moved up that I wasn't even close to some of the other rookies. Even after beating out some of these players on the field the little something is still there, still nagging.

You don't think about long term effects, you only care about the here and now, and that's where every athlete lives, because that's where the sport is. The season isn't going to start when you're 50, it's gonna start in 4 months and you're still 90 lbs behind the starter in bench press. You have a game to play every 7 days and you're going to be going up against someone who out weighs you by 80lbs and doubles your bench.

Players don't care about how use will affect there lives, they care about winning the game and the chance to make it big. However, most players resist the temptation for whatever reason, ethics, the dangers, strong upbringing... it doesn't matter. In the end it's there choice and they will have to deal with the consequences.

As CJ said, it's a choice you make over and over again. The thing is it's a choice to say yes or no, and either way you make it over and over again, and it only takes one slip, just a tiny slip, to let that little something take over and your choice changes from a no to a yes.