Starters vs Starters in the 1st Q I gave the edge to the Als , whos Off moved the ball well but left too many pts on the field .

When subs started to go in, the Blue Bombers showed either more talent or more efforts, resulting in a lopsided final score of 36-13.

Pro Als: #1 Off with Glen at QB is showing a surprisingly high level of play already.
The group of startingWR the Als can put of the field is frightening for any team DefCo.
Nice of the Als to give a couple of series of play to Burko. In the last 3minutes but's better than not playing

Con Als: Outside of Glen and Cato no QB ( and they used 7 during the game ) showed any reason to be kept under contract.
( from boring to pitiful to awful is the best that can be said of them) really good thing it was the 1st preseason game and no one is losing a job from that.

The D needs a lot work. Pass def was to often caught flatfooted and the Run Def apparently missed the plane to Winnipeg altogether.

Kick coverage was nothing to write your mother about, unless she can coach, if she can then please give her the Als email address .

No quality depth on only put the subs in if you want to see if your backup QBs can avoid pressure...that bad

Pro Blue Bombers : Last year atrocious O-Line play seem to truly be a thing of the past. If they stay healthy ....
Very good ground attack.
Except for a few bonehead roughing penalties, the Bomber's D looked much more ready than Mtl's .

Cons Blue Bombers: nothing stands out as bad enough to be called a Con , a few penalities of course but the rest looked like simply having to shake the inter season rust.