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I'm not so sure all the 6 CanWest schools have a division 1 mentality. Maybe they have, but some of them sure don't have the results to be part of an eventual division 1.

That would be a very good first step indeed.
Regina is the smallest football school in the conference, and the Rams have the worst historic results of any CanWest team, but they have a private model and generate big revenue from the Riders 50/50. I don't the University would bother with any of that just to play in a Div 2. The club might (and has) done it to play in CJFL, but that would be a step backwards for them, and their spot in that league has already been filled.

Alberta hasn't had great results either, but they are the biggest university on the prairies. It'd make no sense for them to play Div 2 in any Canada West sport, regardless of whether people feel they are committed enough or not. The same problem exists with McGill and UofT. The smaller schools that we'd be supposedly attracting with a true Div 2 would cry foul if they had to compete with the biggest schools in the country.

However, this is all a bit off topic for these Queens videos. For the sake of history, it would be nice more games occurring between the old 4 schools, regardless of conference/division.