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So how is this years teams shaping up? The national championship is held in Ottawa this year is it not?

uOttawa has continued its dominance in synchronized swimming taking the team , duet, and solo 2017 championships.

A shout put to the 2017 Canadian Womens Curling Champions. Skip Rachael Homan , lead Lisa Weagel are both uOttawa grads. Their team coach is currently a PHD student in clinical psychology at uOttawa.
Nationals are in Victoria. uOttawa won the East again this fall, but rather than trying to fly out West for Nationals, they shut down for the year.

I hope Homan can bring home gold this time. She has the best team in the world right now. They'll almost certainly dominate the round robin again. Unfortunately for her, being the best doesn't guarantee gold. When it comes to win or go home games, there are still a few teams who are talented enough to provide an upset.