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I was at Rutherford tonight and that was a very poorly reffed game. So many things the Bears got away with that should have been penalties and a Huskies goal that was clearly not high sticked in. However, the Dogs did it to themselves tonight. When you play a period and a half and win so few faceoffs, you aren't going to win. All credit to the Bears for bringing it tonight, but aside from bragging rights and seeding, this game meant very little.

What I was impressed by was that all three games were sold out before the door opened. I don't remember ever hearing that in the past. Yes games sell out at Rutherford, but there was basically no walk up tonight. I think they had a few singles, but that was about it. Granted there was only 850 or so people at the game. But the building was packed. I am looking forward to when Merlis Belsher Place is built and open, it will be nice to have a decent rink instead of Rutherford. But the old gal has its charms too.

The one thing I wish Canada West would do is make the playoffs Thursday, Saturday, Monday games. Give the teams a day off in between, playing three games back to back to back, doesn't happen anywhere else in the country I don't think. It certainly doesn't happen at any other level. I am not making excuses for the Huskies, as the Bears played the same schedule, but it does seem more fair to do it that way. I realize they don't want to take students away from the classroom as much, but really look at NCAA basketball teams, during the tournament, they are likely out of class most of March on the teams that run to the Final Four.
If they want a best-of-3 it has to go 3-in-3. Too many match-ups cannot go home-and-home.

IMO all conferences should have a conference final 4 tournament which would save money and add an element of uniqueness to university hockey.