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Thread: Changes Coming to the Ways Universities Recruit Student Athletes

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    For now, it'll rely on reporting by athletes and their families. Before embarking on a recruiting trip, a player and his family will be given a letter outlining the rules. If he's offered something illegal by a particular school, he'll be encouraged to report it. He'll be told that accepting any of these improper incentives could cost him his eligibility and scholarship support, so better to report it up front than risk trouble.
    Bound to be known as the "Snitch Rule".

    Poor Johnny Football.

    Mr. Jeremiah Moneybags phones Johnny and says:

    Go play for my alma mommy and I will guarantee you a 30,000 dollar summer job. You can live, as a guest, in my condo that I keep near campus so I can attend events there. Feel free to use the Beemer parked in my parking spot.

    Poor Johnny feels morally obligated to call the HC at Ottawa* or Laurier* and tell them; "I am signing a LOI with you. I really hope I get that 4500 dollar AFA. By the way, I was called by a certain Mr. Moneybags. Do you happen to own a Beemer?"


    *-unless Mr. Moneybags happens to be a grad of Ottawa or Laurier.
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